5 Tips for Retail-Ready Packaging

    Posted on August 08, 2017 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Retail Ready Packaging

    Retail-ready packaging (RRP) refers to packaging delivered to a retailer in a self-contained unit, which is immediately ready for on-shelf product display without the need for assembly or unpacking.

    RRP gets your product out of the truck and onto the shelf with no additional unpacking, restocking, or hour-gobbling tasks. If this packaging strategy is right for you, keep these helpful hints in mind:

    1. Align Goals – The primary packaging design needs to now incorporate the goals of pallet organization, shipping, and secondary packaging.
    1. Compromise – After realizing your full range of goals for your RRP, you’ll need to pick and choose what stays and what goes. Perhaps reducing the thickness of your packaging material typically saves on costs, but now it needs to be strong enough to withstand shipping. This includes stronger seals, heavier carton weights, and stackability. 
    1. Talk to Retailers – RRP is pushed primarily by retailers who want to streamline their processes and cut hours spent stocking and unpacking. What designs and systems have been working best for them?
    1. Prioritize the Consumer Experience – Make sure the packaging isn’t only easy for the retailer to shelf, but appealing for the consumer to grab from the shelf.
    1. Simplify, But Don’t Get Skimpy – With your product squished together on a retail shelf, you want your message to be simple and easy to read, without sacrificing the integrity of your brand. What’s unique, or most important? Digital print is your new best friend – clarify with high-quality print, and make your labels and graphics easily stand out.

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