Why Effective Label Design Matters

    Posted on January 26, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Why Effective Label Design Matters

    In February, Fantastapack will unroll a new product offering that’s sure to stick: LABELS. In preparation, we want you to ask the all-important question: why labels? Consumers decide within seconds whether they will purchase a product – catch their eye with a label that stands out on the shelf! Whether you’re launching a new product, testing out a specific market, special event, or just giving your product a makeover, customized labels and your fantastic packaging make the perfect pair.

    Before delivering a final design, there’s a lot to consider: 

    Label Contents & Size

    What information does your label need to contain if your product is going to end up on retail shelves? How much space do you need to feature your graphics in their best light? With Fantastapack, you can customize your label size within 12” x 16.5” parameters. Fantastapack will introduce the labels program with four label shapes to choose from: square, rectangle, circle, and oval.


    The label material contributes to the consumer’s experience of the product right off the shelf, and choosing right materials will matter at the application stage, too. Fantastapack will offer two material options:

    • A semi-gloss paper with permanent adhesive
    • 6 ml white BOPP (polypropylene) with permanent adhesive

    The sticky stuff on the back of a label is also important to consider! The permanent adhesive is a water-based, acrylic compound that will stick firmly through different climates and temperatures between -10°F and 180°F. BOPP material is preferred if you are looking for a label that is durable, resistant to moisture, and will conform to unique shapes, including squeeze-out applications.

    By offering these new products and services, our goal is to serve you as your single-source custom packaging partner. Don’t scramble between suppliers – let’s get your product out on the shelf in its best light, and into the hands of the consumer where it belongs. 

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