Why Effective Product Label Design Matters

Posted on February 10, 2020 by Marketing Fantastapack
Let’s Put a (Product) Label on it

When it comes to retail sales, first impressions are everything. Consumers decide within seconds whether they will purchase a product, with 70% of purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Labels offer a direct means of communication between the brand and the consumer. From ingredients to instructions, labels carry the pertinent information that consumers need to see before adding the item to their cart. Ultimately, a high-quality product label can mean the difference between a few extra seconds of consideration or getting placed back onto the shelf. 

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Labels not only help sell the product, but they communicate a brand’s identity while working to increase the perceived value of the product. When designing a product label, there are multiple factors to consider, including:

Label Content: The available real estate on a label is limited. Having too much content can overwhelm the consumer while having too little can be confusing. What key information does the label need to contain? 

Label Material: The label material contributes to the consumer’s experience of the product right off the shelf. Choosing the right material will matter at the application stage as well. Before choosing a label material, consider what type of surface the label will need to adhere to and what you want your desired brand experience to be.

Label Size & Shape: The label size and shape should highlight the product without covering too much or too little of the surface. Also, brands must consider how much space is required to showcase their graphics in the best light. 


What’s the Difference Between Labels & Stickers? 

Are product labels just stickers with a fancy name? Essentially, they are. While many people use “labels” and “stickers” interchangeably, the difference lies in the intended application. Stickers are often created without a specific placement in mind, typically used for decorative or promotional purposes. They are individually cut or finished as sheeted stickers. 

On the other hand, labels are specially engineered to display product information on packaging. Most labels aren’t suited for outdoor applications. Labels are finished on a roll, making it easy to apply by hand or with a label machine.


The Portrait of a Fantastapack Custom Label

Fantastapack’s custom product labels are durable, moisture-resistant, and flexible, with the ability to conform to oddly shaped packaging that consumers will open, stack, and even squeeze. Our BOPP (polypropylene) label stock, combined with the water-based, acrylic permanent adhesive we use, can withstand a temperature range from -10˚F to 180˚F. With Fantastapack, you can customize your label size within 12” x 16.5” parameters. 

Fantastapack labels come in the four most popular shapes: square, rectangular, round, and oval. Square and rectangular labels lend clean, attractive edges to frame your information or graphics. Round and oval labels are ideal for curved products or for giving energy to a traditional box.

Fantastapack Label Family

Our labels are printed with digital printing. Digital print provides high-quality, UV-resistant print with full color and a gloss varnish, delivered to you in a clean-cut, easy-to-use roll containing your label quantity of choice. With no print plates required, our advanced digital production process supports greater speed-to-market, short runs, and better results than other print methods.


Design & Order Custom Product Labels Today

Product labels are a crucial part of the packaging experience — serving as one of the key factors that can influence a purchasing decision. An effective product label design accurately reflects your brand while concisely communicating important information to the consumer. Along with offering digitally printed custom labels, Fantastapack has an extensive collection of corrugated box styles and retail displays to enhance the packaging experience and improve retail sales. 

To get started with your next custom label or packaging project, download our free Flipbook for design inspiration, case studies, and not to mention, 15% off your first order. 

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