What You Need to Know Before Ordering Custom Labels

Posted on May 03, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

Custom Label from Fantastapack

Fantastapack’s new custom label offerings have unrolled successfully, and our customers are submitting artwork and creating labels for bottles, boxes, and more in four different shapes to reach next-level packaging!

Wondering what steps to take when ordering custom labels? Here are 5 questions to ask when ordering labels:

1. What will your labels be applied to?

It’s important to know what kind of surface the label or sticker is being applied to. Our 2.6ML white BOPP label material is durable and will conform to unique shapes, including squeeze-out applications.

2. Are there any environmental issues to consider?

The type of environment the product will be subject to will help determine what the best material, adhesive, and finish are needed to withstand those conditions. Fantastapack's permanent adhesive is a water-based, acrylic compound that will stick firmly through different climates and temperature between -10˚F and 180˚F.

3. What size and shape of label best suits my needs?

Often, your label designers like to be a part of this conversation. How will your brand’s logo, graphics, and information benefit from an oval-shaped logo instead of a conventional rectangle? Or will a rectangle be more aesthetically pleasing on the type of packaging you’ve designed? Fantastapack has a selection of four shapes – circle, oval, square, and rectangle – for which you can customize the size.

4. How many labels will I need to order?

Are you developing a prototype, or do you need to label a full order of products? Always consider the benefit of ordering extra labels in case you have extra product, or in case something happens to the labels you do order.

5. Will my labels complement my packaging?

When you order your packaging and labels in one place, you can ensure that everything will be delivered on time – there’s no need to juggle conversations between multiple people and providers. Plus, be sure that your graphics and colors are receiving the same treatment on each! Fantastapack offers delivery in 13-15 business days, guaranteed, so give your product the full-blown makeover it deserves with minimal waiting time.

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