Fantastapack Features: Wrist Society's Subscription Box Success

Posted on February 23, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

Fantastapack Features: Wrist Society's Subscription Success

Packaging is critical to scoring your product some serious points in the marketplace, and Fantastapack believes we can make your brand stand out. Don’t believe us? Take it from a customer!

Mike Vega, founder of Wrist Society, teamed up with Fantastapack to design monthly subscription boxes that… well, we’ll just let Mike tell you what happened next:

A Tribe is Born

We started as a small community of watch lovers on Instagram. As the community grew, many asked where they could purchase the watches that we showcased on our feed. The challenge? Most of the watches were a bit on the expensive side. But, I saw this as an opportunity, and worked quickly to fix the problem. You could say it was then that Wrist Society was born. The mission became providing an attractive watch every month, to each of our subscribers, at an affordable price.

Starting a Subscription Start Up

When you start a subscription box company, you quickly discover that the box itself has many components. Our product, our marketing, our packaging – they’re all equally important, but I have to admit, the packaging was the trickiest part for me. Discovering Fantastapack was, without exaggeration, a godsend. The reason being, a lot of packaging suppliers require an exorbitant minimum deposit and high-quantity production – Fantastapack doesn’t. They helped make my dream a reality by allowing me to place orders of any size at an affordable price.

Running a subscription company, your box encapsulates and personifies your identity and your brand. I’ve learned that it’s often the box itself that turns a lead into a subscriber. With the design, with the specific dimensions I needed, Fantastapack helped every step of the way, and that's why I hold them in such high regard. They are truly part of the Wrist Society team.

A Solution That Scales

One of the challenges with starting any company, I think, is dealing with growth. Not being able to handle growth can cause catastrophic consequences. There was a period after Wrist Society went viral when I didn't have enough inventory of our boxes to meet the spike in demand. It was all extremely time-sensitive, and I'll always be grateful for Fantastapack’s help – due to my situation, they expedited my packaging order so I could fulfill the orders of my clients.

To future Fantastapack customers: I can’t stress enough how much this packaging team cares about your success.

What's Next for Wrist Society

In 2016, Wrist Society plans to expand beyond men's fashion watches to provide bracelets and fashion watches for women. We’re also planning to launch our own brand of watches, and I’m confident in Fantastapack’s ability to support us every step of the way.

Check out our partner, Wrist Society, at, and plug the promo code “FANTASTAPACK” in to get 20% off your first subscription box.

What's Next for You?

We believe packaging is critical to your success as small business, especially during the first steps. Let us help you by providing a fully customizable, online packaging solution and getting your brand out on the market in a fantastic way.

If you are a subscription box startup looking for packaging solutions, start here!

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