10 Inspiring Subscription Box Packaging Designs that Pop

Posted on November 03, 2015 by Taylor Wirtz

We all love receiving exciting packages in the mail, and your customers are no different. With the recent boom in subscription box delivery services such as Trunk Club, Bark Box, and Bocandy, we wanted to put together a gallery of great packaging designs to inspire you to think about how to delight your consumer with your subscription box packaging. Check these out!


1. Trunk Club (https://www.trunkclub.com)

Trunk Club Subscription Box 


2. Rain City Box (http://www.raincitybox.com)

Rain City Subscription Box 


3. Kid Prize Pack (https://www.cratejoy.com/kids-prize-pack/)

Kid Prize Pack Subscription Box


4. Artbotic Box (https://www.cratejoy.com/artbotic/)

Artbotic Subscription Box


5. Bocandy (https://bocandy.com)

Bocandy Subscription Box


6. New Hobby Box (http://www.newhobbybox.com)

New Hobby Subscription Box


7. Conscious Box (https://www.cratejoy.com/conscious-box/)

Conscious Box Subscription Box


8. BarkBox (www.barkbox.com/)

Bark Box Subscription Box


9. Birchbox (https://www.birchbox.com)

Birchbox Subscription Box


10. Whimseybox (https://whimseybox.com)

WhimseyBox Subscription Box


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