What's the Buzz About Digitally Printed Packaging?

Posted on September 03, 2015 by Marketing Fantastapack

What's the Buzz About Digital?

Traditional vs. Digital Print

Anyone in the biz will tell you that packaging companies are typically known for two things: set-up (tooling) charges and large orders. But Fantastapack isn’t just any old packaging company. In fact, we’re something completely new.

Let’s pose a hypothetical – you’re a young specialty foods company looking for a small amount of packaging. You’re operating within a tight timeline and a strict budget. The good news for you is that Fantastapack can solve all of your unique needs with our custom, short-run digital printing capabilities!

Digital Print Delivers Scale and Speed!

What are the benefits of digital, you might ask? Digital lets you print directly to corrugated, saving you time and streamlining production. And because digital requires no set up, without the need for plates or dies, young brands are able to experiment to see what works best. If an ingredient changes, or if the design needs to be tweaked after the product launch, digital gives you flexibility to do so without impacting your budget from new plate and die fees. Companies can effortlessly switch up messaging and do something unique, allowing smaller businesses to have more fun with the ability to set yourselves apart. What’s more, fast prototyping enables you to test your products in market.

And for all you tree lovers out there, digital packaging production can help reduce the number of redundant prints, set-up costs, and media waste, improving your environmental profile.

Another benefit is that many small businesses don’t have the space to store inventory. With Fantastapack, you can order exactly what you need, when you need it.

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If your packaging needs require a quick turnaround and high quality print, Fantastapack is your new best friend. Try us today for your next packaging project!

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