5 Questions to Ask Before Ordering Custom Packaging

Posted on November 18, 2015 by Marketing Fantastapack

Before ordering packaging, there are 5 key questions to ask and answer to ensure the success of your project:

Is my product protected?

Considering the cost – both financially and emotionally – of having a product damaged en route, protection is a priority. Pay attention to the rigidity, structure, and material of a package. Will you need to include cushioning?

Is my product promoted? 
Packaging is usually what causes anyone to pick a product up off the shelf, so make sure yours is the center of attention. Whether it’s by transparent display, a custom design, or a surface area that allows for effective promotion, your product needs a flattering outfit.

What will my graphics look like?
Packaging is also an opportunity to display your brand, so make sure your graphics are reflective of your company’s look and feel. There may be additional technical restrictions based on the packaging production method, such as how many colors you can use or the quality of the graphics. Be sure your graphics help you put your best foot forward.

At Fantastapack, our digital printing methods allow for a vast array of colors on your packaging, all at one low price.

How good is the customer experience?
Is the package easy to use, without sacrificing security? Or will your customer be deterred by the sheer amount of material that stands between them and their precious product? Be sure to keep your customer’s user experience top-of-mind.

How many packages do I need and how much will it cost?
Maybe you already know how many units you need packaging for, so now you need to ask how much that particular quantity will cost. You will need to consider start-up costs based on production method — these might change with quantity. Check to see if purchasing a cheaper material is actually the right choice for a larger quantity.

At Fantastapack, we use digital production to keep start-up costs at a minimum, and allow our customers to order the exact amount of packaging they need with no minimum or maximum order size.

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If you are ready to order packaging, start by checking out the dozens of custom styles offered by Fantastapack!

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