The Evolution of Unboxing and the Impacts of Social Media

Posted on May 03, 2024 by Marketing Fantastapack

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In the age of social media, where every moment is curated and shared, the unboxing phenomenon continues to emerge as a powerful trend reshaping consumer experience. At Fantastapack, we’ve witnessed firsthand how packaging and retail displays have evolved to be crucial to brand identity and customer engagement.

The Rise of Unboxing

The roots of unboxing can be traced back to the early days of YouTube, where tech enthusiasts showcased the unpacking of new gadgets. What began as a niche hobby soon exploded into a global sensation across various industries. Today, unboxing videos dominate social media platforms, from TikTok to Instagram Reels to YouTube Shorts, offering viewers a stimulating experience as they witness the unveiling of products in real-time. From luxury cosmetics to subscription boxes, virtually every product category has embraced the allure of the unboxing experience.

Leveraging Packaging for Brand Promotion

In the digital era, packaging is no longer just about protecting the product during transit. It's a canvas for storytelling, a tangible manifestation of brand values, and a catalyst for consumer engagement. Custom boxes and retail displays adorned with unique designs, vibrant colors, and innovative features not only enhance the perceived value of the product but also leave a lasting impression on customers.

Mikayla Nogeria reviewing Bliss PROne notable case is Bliss, who launched a marketing campaign that cleverly showcased an empty space in their packaging, highlighting their "pricey" competitor. Social media influencer Mikayla Nogeira heightened the excitement by posting her unboxing video on TikTok to her 15.6 million followers. Since the clips release on March 21, it has garnered over 789.7 thousand views as she praises Bliss's innovative PR strategy.

Unique approaches to packaging in low quantities for marketing campaigns like this aren't possible with most types of packaging manufacturers. With our digital print process, you can receive minimum order quantities of 1, allowing you to snag a marketing sample for internal review and then place a smaller order for a limited influencer campaign. Our Roll End Front Tuck with Dust Flaps is the most popular style for agencies to use for mailing influencer campaigns to unbox. In addition, we continue to see companies utilize Divider Inserts for product placements and comparisons.

Packaging as Part of the Display

Beyond the moment of unboxing, packaging plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall retail experience. Whether displayed on store shelves in an Angled Roll Side Tray or featured in online galleries, visually striking packaging commands attention and draws customers in. Just as a beautifully wrapped gift entices curiosity, well-designed packaging invites consumers to explore the contents within. As brands increasingly embrace omnichannel retail strategies, the physical and digital presence of packaging converges to create immersive brand experiences.

Salties - Tuck Top Gravity Feed @drinksaltiesSouth Stems - Bottle Carrier @southstemsMilspin - Angled Roll Side Tray @milspinactual

The Power of Perception

Unboxing isn't just about revealing what's inside the box—it's about crafting a narrative that resonates with consumers. How a product is packaged and presented can influence perceptions of quality, value, and brand trust. A seamless unboxing experience can evoke feelings of excitement, anticipation, and delight, strengthening the emotional connection between consumers and brands. Conversely, poorly executed packaging can result in disappointment, frustration, and negative reviews, tarnishing the brand's reputation in the process.

If you don't find a cookie-cutter solution on Fantastapack's website, reach out to Fantastapack Pro, our custom structural design division that takes your creative ideas and brings them to life. Your company's packaging is not just a container but a powerful tool to engage and connect with customers on a deeper level, leaving a lasting impression that fosters brand loyalty and advocacy.

In an era defined by sensory overload and fleeting attention spans, packaging has emerged as a strategic differentiator for brands seeking to captivate audiences and drive consumer loyalty. By embracing the art of unboxing and harnessing the potential of packaging as a brand ambassador, businesses can create memorable experiences that resonate long after the box is opened. As we continue to innovate and evolve in the web-to-print custom box-making industry, let's remember that the true magic lies not just in what's inside the box, but in the journey of discovery it inspires.



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