8 Vintage Packaging Design Inspirations from Yester-Year

Posted on August 23, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

The long, hazy days of late summer bring us back to times gone by. We had fun checking out these examples of vintage packaging designs from yester-year, and thought you would, too! Happy Summer!

Farmer's Union Milk

Farmer's Union Milk

The bold design aesthetic of the 80’s comes through loud and clear in milk containers for an Australian grocery chain.

Crest and Prell Toothpaste

Crest and Prell Toothpaste

These vibrant toothpaste designs from the 60’s make us smile!

Pop or Soda?

Sprite and CocaCola Retro Packaging

Clean, simple graphics of 60’s cola packaging brings refreshment to the eyes.

"TanFastic" Tanning Butter

Retro Tanning Butter Packaging

Beach volleyball anyone? This cleverly named tanning cream from the 70’s practically screams fun in the sun.

Modern Cereals

Retro cereal packaging

70’s packaging by Sainsbury, a UK grocer legendary for their in-house design.

Bazooka and Black Jack Gum

Retro Bazooka Gum Packaging

Famous for the “Bazooka Joe” comic strip inside, we love the colorful design on its outside, virtually unchanged since the 50’s.

Black Jack Retro Gum Packaging

Another famous gum from the 50’s features a more adult, yet striking design.

Spalding Golf Balls

Spalding Golf Balls Retro Packaging

Fore! This golf-ball packaging from the 40’s is “the bee’s knees.”

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