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Posted on July 26, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

Fantastapack Inside and Outside Print

Printing on the inside as well as the outside of your corrugated boxes is one of the strongest marketing tools you have to connect your brand with a growing customer base. Also called Two-Sided Print or Double-Sided Print, the process involves taking an art file configured for the outside print and running it on the printer, then flipping the sheet over and printing the inside print art file in the correct places so that your converting equipment cuts them to registration and everything lines up perfectly. As simple as this sounds, it takes a production crew who really knows their craft to pull it off with the closest of registration tolerances.

Why is Inside and Outside Print becoming so popular?  When you pay for a box with printing on the outside you have to design your brand appeal for the shipping and receiving environment. Boxes get dirty in transit. Your brand color palette options may be limited. Your message may be seen by the UPS driver more than your intended audience – the customer with whom you are trying to connect with and appeal to.

Printing inside the box gives your brand access to your customer in a much more intimate way through the unboxing experience. Customers quickly open packages when they receive them. Your outside print has mere seconds to connect in a lasting way. The inside print of your box springs out once your package is opened. Along with your product, it is the real first-impression opportunity your brand has to engage your audience visually with color graphics, messaging, loyalty, promotional advertising, and overall appeal. You can guarantee each customer that opens your box is captive to your inside print marketing. Can you say that about your email marketing campaign? How about your pay-per-click advertising? There isn’t another arrow in your marketing quiver that can promise as high a visibility rate as printing inside and outside the box.

Fantastapack is pleased to announce that we now offer Inside and Outside Print on all of our custom box products. We are experts at this process and can help your brand better connect with your audience. 

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