6 Tips for Hiring a Freelance Packaging Designer

Posted on March 08, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

6 Tips for Working with a Freelance Designer

For both startups and small businesses, one of the best ways to represent your brand with fantastic media – without breaking the bank – is hiring a freelance designer.

There are talented designers in just about every city with various levels and forms of experience. When you’re interviewing for the one you want to help you complete your projects, here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure a successful relationship:

1. Look for fit – not flash.
You need someone with experience that relates to your plans, which includes both experience in the software, format, equipment, and medium that your projects require – whether those are graphics for a package label, or maybe a retail display – as well as the design problem that you need solved. An even bigger bonus? If they have an interest in your product or industry. Creativity skyrockets when passion is involved. Most designers will have experience with a certain industry niche, so keep an eye out for one who understands your business.

2. Set them up for success.
Start by gathering all previous assets that might be helpful for the designer so they can complete their best possible work, and so they can fill the gaps without having to ask. Before you begin a freelancer relationship, spend some time thinking about your goals for the project. You should have the beginnings of a creative vision for the project – don’t just tell your designer to “make it pop.”

3.Tell your story.
Communicate your brand, voice, and intended audience. Know what you want the project to say by saying it to your freelance designer first. Context is key – the more they know about your business and its history, the more likely it is they’ll get it right the first time around.

4. Details, details, details.
Explain exactly what you need done and define all of the details. Are there any restrictions? Colors or fonts that are off-limits? Certain parts of your box that will be folded? A specific file type you need for printing? The devil truly is in the details, and it will pay off big time if you think them through before your designer gets to work.

5. Checklists make winners.
Define deadlines – but not just when the final product is due. Tell your freelancer when you want the first draft, and any other related task. This isn’t to micromanage your freelancer – make sure they know you trust them – but rather, it’s for your own sanity. It’s what you would expect from your full-time employees, so expect it from your freelancers too. Plus, this will benefit both parties in the end where billing is concerned.

6. Create a partner.
Along those lines, do make sure you’re communicating the respect you have of your freelancer. Be honest, direct, and considerate. Having a long-standing relationship with a freelancer is ideal, so if you find a good one, hang on to ‘em! 

At Fantastapack, we’re all about people. Every packaging project has meaningful ideas and inspiring people behind it, and we want to do what we can to help you and your product succeed.

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