4 Common Packaging Mistakes for Brands to Avoid

Posted on May 17, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

Do It Right: Avoid These 4 Common Packaging Mistakes

From over-engineering to forgetting who your audience is, the pitfalls of poor packaging design can be many. Avoid some of the most common packaging mistakes that we see by following these 4 guidelines.

1. Are you being too creative?
You want the consumer to be able to open your package without requiring a degree in Nuclear Physics. When choosing both materials and design, make sure your product is easily accessible! Plus, consider packaging that’s not only easy to open, but has potential to be reused as something else.

2. Old Habits Die Hard
Sometimes, we return to vintage or rustic design trends. That doesn’t mean the design you’ve been using for years wouldn’t benefit from a modern makeover. Also, does the content on your packaging suit the kinds of language and conversations that are currently taking place about your market and your product? Stay up to date!

3. Design for the Consumer - Not For You
Especially with your creative, entrepreneurial, innovative tendencies, it might be easy to tend toward a design that you’d like to frame on your own wall before considering what the consumers will see – and what they want to see – on the shelf.

4. Proof Before You Print
This might seem like a no-brainer. One of the most common proofing mistakes we’ve found isn’t when someone puts the wrong word, but when they fail to put content where content should be. Double-check things like nutrition facts and user instructions.

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