Choosing the Right Packaging Material Can Enhance Your Design

Posted on July 18, 2017 by Marketing Fantastapack

Choosing the Right Material Can Enhance Your Design


Aside from offering an extensive collection of unique box styles, Fantastapack's corrugated packaging material options include Standard White, Premium White, Kraft, and the PurePrint Premium™ Materials Collection — high-end material and print combinations. Each has its own visual effect on your packaging, and spending time choosing the right one will hands-down contribute to the successful promotion and presentation of your product or subscription box.



Kraft corrugated material has a brand-new visual effect and reduced environmental impact. Kraft is made stronger and more durable by its unique pulping process, so, left unbleached, it has a longer fiber length than equivalent grades of white. The natural appearance of kraft gives a soft and earthy effect to your printed logos and graphics. 

Regardless of the grade, we choose only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified recyclable corrugated and paper-based materials from suppliers in North America. Whenever we can, we source from the highest available percentage of post-consumer recycled content from local mills. Whichever material you choose, we want to provide your packaging with that added environmentally-conscious marketability. 


Standard White

If you want your graphics and logos to pop, the white coat on our original corrugated material will host a wide range of inks. A blank canvas of potential, Standard White helps your package stand out on a shelf or stand proudly on your customer's doorstep. The outside and inside liners are a mottled white with soft variation, and the interior flute is unbleached kraft (brown). Standard White is recommended for boxes that much of the surface will be printed on with graphics.


Premium White

Our Premium White corrugated material has a heavy, solid bleached clay-coated white liner, both inside and out, for added durability, with only a slight increase in cost. As the next step up from Standard, Premium White is a great option to elevate the look and feel of your packaging through enhanced print quality and color. Premium White is recommended for packaging that needs to look luxurious, and much of the white of the box will be exposed (not covered by graphics).

You can also choose to add a Gloss Ink Finish to help your artwork pop with Premium White. Gloss Ink Finish is a process where ink is cured to appear more glossy than a traditional matte finish. Please Note: There will be no gloss effect in any place that does not have ink in your artwork.


The PurePrint Materials Collection 

Fantastapack offers two exclusive premium materials, specifically engineered for digital print. PurePrint Premium™ and PurePrint Matte™ both combine offset-quality print with premium materials to deliver full-color impact and attention-grabbing results.

PurePrint Logos

PurePrint Premium™ combines our brightest white material with our best print quality to deliver vivid, full-color impact and high-end results, using True Water-Based Inks. While PurePrint Matte™ is understated yet impactful, pairing a mottled white material with our best print quality to deliver a luxurious shine-free look, and also uses True Water-Based Inks.

You also have the option to choose PurePrint Premium with Kraft or PurePrint Matte™ with Kraft. Leverage the vivid, full-color impact  of our PurePrint Materials Collection on the outside, and the natural appearance of Kraft on the inside of your box. Both material options use True Water-Based Inks for an environmentally-safe print option.


Not sure where to start?

Now the question is, which material, with its own set of perks, will best promote your graphics and your product? If you're not sure where to start, a Sample Kit is a great way to get your hands on printed examples of all of our corrugated substrate options.

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