7 Awesome Packaging Designs for Foodies

    Posted on June 14, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Appetizing packing design can make gourmet items even more delectable. Check out this selection of packaging designs for foodies that caught our eyes, and taste buds! 

    Mixville Macarons


    We love this Russian packaging design shared by Behance. Vibrant pastels and fun, elegant typography make these containers eye-grabbers. In case you’re wondering, a ‘macaron’ is a French, meringue-based confection.

    Thelma’s Treats

    Thelmas Treats

    Thelma’s cookie box is a delightfully playful mix of form and function - as if their cookies are straight out of the oven! Visit Thelma’s Treats here

    Doves Farm

    Doves Farm

    The UK’s Doves Farm delivers another set of packaging we love. Bags of gourmet flours are adorned with vibrant graphics of kitchen items that speak directly to one’s inner baker. Visit Doves Farm here.




    We adore this new packaging from Chipotle. Food bags display hand-drawn graphics and stream-of-consciousness text. A series of drink cups appeal to the literary minded with original stories by renowned authors.

    McJerrys Monster Candy

    Monster Candy

    McJerrys Monster Candy packaging practically leaps off the shelf with eye-grabbing typography, illustrations and clever use of peek-a-boo windows.

    Adir Dairy

    Adir Dairy

    Adir Dairy in Israel, “Home of Great Goats,” has produced a packaging series we love. Labels and containers feature elegant black-and-white images evocative of farm life in the old country. Visit their site here.

    Milk Cocktail by Joe

    This container for Milk Cocktail by Joe was too engaging to omit! Bold graphics, extending Batman ears, and spilt pink liquid make for an irresistible visual treat.

    Milk Cocktail by Joe

    Source: http://hattomonkey.ru/By-Joe

    Ready to Design Your Own?

    We hope this selection of creative packaging for foodies helps inspire some inventive ideas of your own - get started with your own gourmet packaging today!

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