Litho Lead Times Got You Down?

    Posted on October 19, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Litho Lead Times Got You Down?

    Are you spooked by the demands of the season to meet your deadlines...

    ...and your litho print manufacturer is telling you that you’ll be waiting 7-8 weeks for your packaging? The weeks leading up to the holiday season are the busiest time of year for many manufacturers who produce retail packaging and displays. As capacity dwindles and litho lead times swell in print manufacturing during the run-up to the holiday season, it’s easy to get distraught or feel too small to matter. The turning color of leaves and crispness in the fall air is also a signal that we are in that time of year when so many other retail companies need beautifully printed packaging to capture the ensuing holiday rush. The Big Wait is upon us.

    But you need to move at the speed of business in order to maximize reach to your customers, which means that you need product on the shelf ASAP. What’s the solution?

    Treat Yourself to Digital!

    At Fantastapack, we employ world-class digital print production to deliver beautiful full-color packaging that ships in about 10 days. Our packaging solutions require no setup fees or tooling charges, and we can deliver with minimal lead time because Fantastapack is powered by our HP high-capacity digital press.

    The Gift that Keeps on Giving.

    In addition to delivery speed and limited setup costs, digital can offer your brand so much more this holiday season:

    • Short-Run Capability:Ideal for small job sizes in support of retailers’ private brands, reducing inventories, and capturing growth in customization and test marketing.
    • Print Direct to Board: Help revolutionize the time it takes to go to market. Reduce process steps and time, and streamline print production, freeing up more time for ideation.
    • Customization Capability: Provide high-value applications that support brand owners looking to increase profitability with customized relationship marketing.
    • Produce Proofs and Prototypes for Testing: Support fast-cycle prototyping by using the short-run capability to produce proofs and prototypes for testing new products in the market.
    • Just-In-Time Production:Gain flexibility and efficiency. Improve capacity utilization, lower work-in-progress inventory, reduce out-of-stocks, and streamline the value chain with digital print-on-demand capabilities.
    • Improve Your Environmental Profile: Digital print-on-demand can help reduce the number of redundant prints, setup costs, and media waste.

    Be Fantastic!

    If your litho packaging manufacturer is not able to meet your timeline needs, give Fantastapack a try and see how quickly we can help you make an impact on the shelf.

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