Personalize Corporate Gift Packaging for the Holidays

Posted on November 08, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

Corporate Gift Box

Stand Out This Season

The holiday season is a traditional time for companies to take the opportunity to connect with their clients and colleagues to say ‘thank you for your business’ with corporate gifts. Many promotional item companies offer gifts that you can customize with a logo or your clients’ names, but these items can often get lost in the shuffle and fail to make an ongoing impact if they are not delivered with enthusiasm and thought.

To really make an impression this year, we suggest that you consider customized packaging and labels to deliver a truly unique and thoughtful experience to your clients. Instead of using stock boxes or wrapping available from a big box store, why not create a custom box with your company branding and a holiday theme to really leave an impression?

Guarantee a Perfect Fit

In addition to custom branding, Fantastapack empowers you to order packaging that is just the right size to fit your needs – so you can rest assured that your gifts will be well-protected and arrive in style to their destinations. Presentation is everything when it comes to gifts, and taking the time to create a well-executed delivery shows your clients that you care.

Corporate Gift Box 2

Suggested Styles

Depending on your gift, several Fantastapack box styles may be right for you. For clothing such as t-shirts, or gift boxes with multiple items (think: subscription box-style content), the Roll End Front Tuck with Dust Flaps is your best bet. If your gift is a book or box of chocolates, the Self Locking One Piece Folder is a great fit. If you’re delivering your gifts by hand and really want a personal gift appeal, our Snap Lock Gift Tote makes a great impression.

Creative Gifts

Sharing a few bottles of craft brew to cheers the new year? Our four-pack and six-pack bottle carriers are an excellent solution. What goes better with beer than pizza? Our pizza box can deliver a personalized experience, and when filled with your favorite pie, is a great way to say thank you to teams and groups. 

Finishing Touches

Bring your packaging to life with inside and outside print to maximize messaging impact for your recipients. You can send a simple holiday message on the inside of your box, or a custom note for each of your clients.

Fantastapack also offers custom insert design, if your gift has multiple pieces that you want to protect and keep orderly, this is a great solution (contact for more info).

Shipping your gifts? Don’t forget custom labels! Taking the time to brand these elements or infuse some extra holiday cheer does not go unnoticed by your clients. Your goal is to delight them, and thinking through these details can really do the trick. 

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