Upgrading Packaging: Spotlight on Morning Fog Studios

Posted on August 24, 2018 by Marketing Fantastapack
Morning Fog Studios Box and Tumbler
Introducing Morning Fog Studios

Based in Pennsylvania, Morning Fog Studios was founded by Heidi Young in 2014. Morning Fog Studios offers personalized glassware, barware, and houseware. Each piece is delicately personalized by Heidi, making them the perfect custom gifts for any occasion.

As a stay-at-home mom, Heidi started her business on Etsy as a hobby. It was an opportunity for her to work from home, while still being able to care for her kids. Over the past years, Heidi’s growing business has attracted a loyal fanbase and her store has now expanded to Amazon.


Branded Packaging Matters for eCommerce 

As humans, it’s in our nature to make quick assessments of what we see. According to a Google study, it takes just fifty milliseconds for users to formulate an opinion of a brand’s website. When it comes to packaging, the importance of first impressions are no different. 

Your packaging not only holds the products inside, if you’re an eCommerce brand, it is the first thing your customer sees when they receive their order. Packaging that fails to impress or doesn’t effectively represent your brand can result in a poor perception of your business.

Prior to making the move to Amazon, Heidi used plain, unbranded boxes to ship her products around the United States. However, in order to be a seller on their platform, Heidi had to upgrade her packaging with her brand logo to align with Amazon’s strict packaging requirements. Furthermore, she knew that the quality and aesthetic of her packaging would affect her seller ratings. In order to establish a trusted reputation on Amazon, Heidi partnered with a custom packaging supplier to solve this issue and take her eCommerce business to the next level.


Discovering What’s Possible with Digital Print 

Many small business owners quickly discover the what’s truly possible with packaging when they discover digital print. 

The key difference between digital print and analog methods (such as flexo or litho-lam) is that with digital ink is applied directly onto the box material, no print plates required. This means that this method is capable of printing the entire CMYK color spectrum as easily as it would a simple black-and-white logo, empowering brands to leverage full-color, eye catching design without incurring additional costs.

Fantastapack was created to deliver digitally printed box and label solutions to companies just like Morning Fog Studios. With Fantastapack on her side, Heidi was able to create full-color custom printed boxes to match her brand. Heidi also created custom digitally printed labels with Fantastapack that match the design of her boxes, and uses them when shipping Etsy orders to add a fun, branded element to her shipping boxes.

“I strongly believe in the power of great packaging: packaging gives a perceived value to your product,” Heidi says. “If it looks professional, if it looks like a gift, it is such a better experience and valuable overall product.”


Taking Your eCommerce Packaging to the Next Level

Upgrade from plain, standard shipping boxes and take your eCommerce packaging experience to the next level with digital print. With only fractions of a second to make a good first impression, your packaging impacts your brand experience, online reputation, and helps determine your success in the eCommerce marketplace.

Fantastapack’s easy-to-use platform empowers businesses of all sizes to design and order full-color custom printed boxes and labels online and in any order volume. Get started with your packaging design today by exploring Art Studio, our online graphics editor. Simply choose your box style, enter your custom dimensions and quantity, and click “Design Online” from any of our custom box pages – no fancy design software needed!

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