Think Inside the Box: Inside and Outside Print Now Available!

    Posted on July 26, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Printing on the inside as well as the outside of your corrugated boxes is one of the strongest marketing tools you have to connect your brand with a growing customer base. Also called Two-Sided Print or Double-Sided Print, the process involves taking an art file configured for the outside print and ...

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    Using Packaging to Give Your Product a Professional Edge

    Posted on July 12, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    While you may not have the marketing budget of the largest brands, there’s one place where you can take on any competitor: the store shelf. Forget multi-million-dollar Super Bowl spots, when a customer is eyeing your goods in person, professional packaging can make all the difference.

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    Why Branded Packaging Matters in eCommerce

    Posted on June 28, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    While the world of e-commerce brings endless choices to our computer screens, the power of packaging remains a key consumer driver. As more and more purchases are made online, branded packaging remains a key component of the total brand experience.

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    Deliver the Consumer Experience with a Packaging Prototype

    Posted on May 31, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Imagine a young entrepreneur walking into a room of potential investors. She brings with her a product sample, and gives a standard presentation.

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    6 Tips for Hiring a Freelance Designer

    Posted on March 08, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    For both startups and small businesses, one of the best ways to represent your brand with fantastic media – without breaking the bank – is hiring a freelance designer. There are talented designers in just about every city with various levels and forms of experience. When you’re interviewing for the ...

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    Evaluate Your Packaging with Digital Print Technology

    Posted on February 09, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    Are you a startup trying to get your brand out there? Maybe you’ve been in business for a while, and you’re looking to test new markets. Digital print technology simplifies the processes involved in refreshing your brand packaging or product launches. It allows for full customization, so you can ...

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    Why Effective Label Design Matters

    Posted on January 26, 2016 by Marketing Fantastapack

    In February, Fantastapack will unroll a new product offering that’s sure to stick: LABELS. In preparation, we want you to ask the all-important question: why labels? Consumers decide within seconds whether they will purchase a product – catch their eye with a label that stands out on the shelf! ...

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